I am looking for a provider mainly for transportation. Local in town shopping in the county and also would be nice to go to neighboring counties for shopping, movies, leisure activities etc.  I don’t mind going to other establishments for the employee needs either.  I am a team player and I will respect the employee if they don’t want to do this or that. No problem at all!  I’m an “open book” and have a good sense of humor.  High functioning too.  I will participate in a softball league on Wednesday’s of the summer.  Plus, some games.  If possible, it would be nice to have transportation for Wednesday’s, if possible!  I have a lot of units and miles to use.  Don’t have to worry about medications.  Rough idea for working would be like at least two hours to whenever.  Depending on the chores and activities.  If the snow or weather is too bad, I will not force you to work.  I can tell if I have any medical concerns.  I need to drink extra fluids for my rare neurological concerns.  The analogy would be like a vehicle with poor gas mileage.  I know my directions in Northeast Ohio too, plus I took a lot of geography in college. Easy going person.  I also do have heating and cooling concerns.  The vehicle needs to have AC and heater working properly.  When the temps get in the 90’s and 30’s, it’s like my kryptonite, but I can prepare myself.  I have a clean background.  I do like to research too.  Like to go to different government entities for education.  Like courthouses, etc.  Transportation is a big chunk of my waiver.  My allergies were worse when I was a kid because of the animal hair, etc. Not saying all animals like cats and dogs, but some.  If that vehicle has that hair and smoke from cigarettes, it could be a problem. Idk! It depends!  Very important!! I expect good communication from employee and honesty too.  Don’t worry…I can handle a lot if we disagree.  My skin is thick just like my hair. I’m a drummer and like to go out and listen to bands for a random activity.