I am looking for a caregiver for my daughter who has developmental delays. She is 45 yrs. old and lives with her family. She is very passive and quiet with no behavior issues. She likes to sing and dance and look at photos and watch TV.  She understands simple commands.  The caregiver duties would include the following:

  • Most of the time I will have her breakfast, lunch or dinner made, you will need to warm it. If not then you would make her simple foods such as grilled cheese, salad, frozen dinners that I keep in the fridge.
  • She will need assistance in toilet.
  • She walks by herself but is afraid of her shadow in the summer months so she will hold on to your hand or arm which ever she feels comfortable for the both of you.
  • She does use sign language for the toilet.
  • Her vocabulary is about 50 words.